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Badischer Go-Verein

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Hello, Go players:

We invite you to the Mannheim Go Open Autumn 2019 (22nd “Mannheim Aji”) which will take place on the 27th and 28th of October 2018.

We have decided to save the traditional Mannheim Go tournament, because our goal is to offer fun, creative and beautiful Go games in Baden.

Our greatest challenge was finding an affordable and available location for a large tournament. Our solution: the Neckarau Community Center (Volkshaus Neckarau), which is also the home of the Lindenhof Chess Club. It will be a four round McMahon tournament, where the top 16 play a K.O.-Cup-System. This tournament is the last EGF bonus tournament in 2019 and will be played with Fischer time control (50 minutes and 15 seconds/move), Japanese rules and 7 Komi.

All games will be played with quality equipment and digital timers. There will be prize money for the top three players (1st place: 100 € and a trophy), as well as for players with four wins. For the top younger players there will be three money prizes and trophies. Also small material prizes will be given to all younger players (U11/U15/U19).[1]

For those of you who prefer quicker games there will be an accompanying 19x19-Marathon tournament, as well as additional playing equipment for re-playing your games in an extra room (the "Club room") within the community center. For low dans there will be a “Hands-On-Workshop” by Pavol Lisy 2p on Saturday morning. Top players will play in an extra playing room reserved for their games. In the "Club room" we will be offering inexpensive drinks and snacks. A number of books and playing material will also be available at our book table.

Mannheim-Neckarau is less than one hour south of Frankfurt Airport (FRA) by train.

With 361 friendly regards,

Wilhelm Bühler
Tournament Director


Applications can be made in person at one of our Go Evening meetings or online on our Tournament Application Page.

Entry Fee

Entry fee will be waived for sponsors and members of the Baden Go Federation (Badischer Go-Verein). Become a member!

Adolescents (under 19 years old) with a rating under 1151 rating points will also have their entry fee waived. In each case the requirement is that the registration has occurred by October 19, 2019, otherwise the late registration fee will be levied.

until Euro
preregistered and paided advance until Sa., 19. Oktober 2019 18 €
preregistered with payment at the door until Sa., 19. Oktober 2019 22 €
preregistered last day until Sa., 26. Oktober 2019 26 €
not preregistered flex price 30 €

The entry fees are used for the prize money and to rent the playing room. Any profits from the tournament will be used to buy better game materials for future Go tournaments.


Registration ends Saturday 12:00 o'clock.

Details see Zeitplan (in German)

Wer nicht privat unterkommen kann oder mag, findet im Internet viele Möglichkeiten. Wir vermitteln keine (privaten) Übernachtungsplätze.


Applications can be made in person at one of our Go Evening meetings or online on our Tournament Application Page.

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  1. Die Einteilung U7/U11/U15/U19 ist unabhängig vom Geburtstag, Spieler mit
    Geburtsjahr ≥ 2013 werden als „unter 7 Jahre“ (U7 🐭) geführt;
    Geburtsjahr ≥ 2009 werden als „unter 11 Jahre“ (U11 🐧) geführt (sofern sie nicht U7 sind);
    Geburtsjahr ≥ 2005 werden als „unter 15 Jahre“ (U15 🐯) geführt (sofern sie nicht  U7 oder U11 sind);
    Geburtsjahr ≥ 2001 werden als „unter 19 Jahre“ (U19 🐲) geführt (sofern sie nicht  U7, U11 oder U15 sind).