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EGF-Grand-Prix-Tournament at the 24th Mannheim Aji

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English language.svg The invitation is subject to the proviso that the measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic allow for a nice meeting.

Flag of Germany.svg Einladung auf Deutsch

Hello, Go players:

We invite you to the Mannheim Go Open Autumn 2022 (24thMannheim Aji”) which will take place on the 29th and 30th of October 2022.

We play at the Neckarau Community Center (Volkshaus Neckarau), which is also the home of the Lindenhof Chess Club. The 24th edition of the “Mannheim Aji” will be a five round "EGF Grand-Prix tournament" (for the top 8 players), a four round McMahon tournament As usal in Baden, it will be played with Fischer time control (50 minutes and 15 seconds/move), Japanese rules and 7 Komi. Addionally there will be two rapid Go tournaments on 19×19 and 13×13 (self paired).

All games will be played with quality equipment and digital timers. There will be prize money for the top three players (1st place: 100 €). For the top younger players there will be three money prizes. Also small material prizes will be given to all younger players (U11/U15/U19).[1]

Top players will play in an extra playing room reserved for their games. In the "Club room" we will be offering inexpensive drinks and snacks. A number of books and playing material will also be available for sale at our book table.

Mannheim-Neckarau is less than one hour south of Frankfurt Airport (FRA) by train. We have booked Seokbin Cho (8d) as a teacher for the tournaments!

With 361 friendly regards,

Wilhelm Bühler
Tournament Director


Applications can be made in person at one of our Go Evening meetings or online on our Tournament Application Page.

Entry Fee

Entry fee will be waived for sponsors and members of the Badischer Go-Verein. Become a member!

Adolescents (under 19 years old) with a rating under 1151 rating points will also have their entry fee waived. In each case the requirement is that the registration has occurred by October 20, 2022, otherwise the late registration fee will be levied.

Depending on the Corona situation, it may not be possible to register on site, so register in advance to be on the safe side and cancel again if it doesn't work out.

until Euro
preregistered and paided advance until Fr., 21. Oktober 2022 18 €
preregistered with payment at the door until Fr., 21. Oktober 2022 25 €
preregistered last day until Fr., 28. Oktober 2022 28 €
not preregistered flex price 35 €

The entry fees are used for the prize money and to rent the playing room. Any profits from the tournament will be used to buy better game materials for future Go tournaments.

Bank Details

Badischer Go-Verein e.V.
DE93830654080004979613 (easier to read: IBAN DE93 8306 5408 0004 9796 13)
VR-Bank Altenburger Land / Deutsche Skatbank, Altenburg (BIC GENODEF1SLR)
Transfer purpose or note
Go-Turnier <your first name> <your family name>
If confirmation of payment received does not occur within two work days, please register in addition by e-mail.


  • Registration for the Grand Prix ends on Friday 18:00 o'clock. (localtime, UTC+2)
  • Registration ends Saturday 12:00 o'clock. (localtime, UTC+2)
Details see Zeitplan (in German)


Applications can be made in person at one of our Go Evening meetings or online on our Tournament Application Page.



Land Rufname Familienname Club Rang Rating Alter Express Discord EGD

Flag of Germany.svg Stanisław Frejlak Karlsruhe 1 p 2713 🐼 EGD

Flag of Spain.svg Oscar Vazquez Pantin 6 d 2654 🐼 EGD

Flag of Switzerland.svg Cezary Czernecki Basel 4 d 2424 EGD

Flag of Germany.svg Peter Stackelberg Karlsruhe 3 d 2336 🌳 🐼 EGD

Flag of Germany.svg Thomas Pantle Karlsruhe 3 d 2318 🐼 EGD

Flag of Germany.svg Shukai Zhang Frankfurt am Main 3 d 2304 🐯 EGD

Flag of France.svg Milena Boclé Antony 2 d 2237 EGD

Flag of Germany.svg Richard Haas Darmstadt 1 d 2126 🐼 EGD

Flag of Chile.svg Francisco Gonzalez Tengen 1 d 2080 EGD

Flag of Germany.svg Manfred Althaus Mannheim 2 k 1944 🌳 🐼 EGD

Flag of Austria.svg Marcel Grünauer Wien/Go7 2 k 1904 🌳 🐼 EGD

Flag of Germany.svg Erik Schweitzer Wuppertal 3 k 1845 🐼 EGD

Flag of Germany.svg Christina Klupsch Düsseldorf 3 k 1840 🐼 EGD

Flag of Germany.svg Birger Holtermann Karlsruhe 4 k 1723 🐼 EGD

Flag of Romania.svg Cristian Berceanu Timișoara 4 k 1705 🌳 🐼 EGD

Flag of Japan.svg Anna Cho Nagoya 4 k 1700 🐧 🐼 nicht in der EGD

Flag of Germany.svg Litao Mei Böblingen 5 k 1600 🐧 🐼 EGD

Flag of Germany.svg Sebastian Hüttel Mannheim 6 k 1555 🐼 EGD

Flag of Romania.svg Ovidiu Berceanu Timișoara 7 k 1435 🐯 🐼 EGD

Flag of Germany.svg Miles Zhang Frankfurt am Main 7 k 1429 🐧 EGD

Flag of Germany.svg Hauke Löffler Karlsruhe 8 k 1326 🐼 EGD

Flag of Japan.svg Misato Cho Nagoya 8 k 1300 🐼 nicht in der EGD

Flag of Germany.svg Sophia Markus Karlsruhe 12 k 929 🐼 EGD

Flag of Germany.svg Wolfgang Claßen Herford 12 k 903 🐼 EGD

Flag of Germany.svg Iris Ramacher Köln 16 k 530 🐼 EGD

Flag of Germany.svg Wilhelm Bühler Karlsruhe 19 k 282 🌳 🐼 Discord-default-icon-gruen.png EGD

European Grand Prix

For more informationa about the EGF Go Grand Prix see www.eurogofed.org/grandprix

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  1. Die Einteilung U11/U15/U19 ist unabhängig vom Geburtstag, Spieler mit
    Geburtsjahr ≥ 2012 werden als „unter 11 Jahre“ (U11 🐧) geführt;
    Geburtsjahr ≥ 2008 werden als „unter 15 Jahre“ (U15 🐯) geführt (sofern sie nicht U11 sind);
    Geburtsjahr ≥ 2004 werden als „unter 19 Jahre“ (U19 🐲) geführt (sofern sie nicht U11 oder U15 sind).