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Karlsruher Go-Turnierhandbuch
Das Karlsruher Go-Turnierhandbuch ist eine (noch unvollständige) Sammlung von Dokumenten, um die Organisation von Gospiel-Events zu erleichtern.

Anhang: Variante: Staffel-Go

Variante: Staffel-Go (Relay Go)


  • A team consists of four players. One of the player acts also as captain.
  • At least one of the players of each team needs to be weaker than 5 kyu.
  • The team gets bonus points, one each
    • for each nationality within the team (the nationality on the player‘s 24 badge is relevant);
    • for each gap of at least five ranks if you put the labels of the player in order, e.g. 7d-1d-2k-9k gets 2 bonus points;
    • for each gap of at least 10 years if you put the ages of the players in order, e.g. 57-48-32-28 gets 1 bonus point. •
  • For this purpose, all professional players count as 8 dan.
  • The difference of accumulated bonus points per team is transferred to handicap stones. This is the only way to get handicap in a relay go matches
  • The team may decide on an order of play. This does not have to reflect the grades of the team. The order can change in the next game.
  • The first player of each team player plays the first 25 moves and then hands over to the second player, who plays the next 25 moves. This is followed by the third player‘s 25 moves, until the last player plays to the end.
  • Resigning is possible at all times, and the player may consult his team before he does so.
  • Up to two times, the active player or the captain of each team can call for a 5 minutes break. In this break, the team can confer with each other about the game. An extra clock shall be used to measure the timeouts.

(Original source: rules at the EGC 2017)


Time settings
30 minutes, then 20 seconds byoyomi 3 times.


pro Spiel
1 Spielset (Brett, Steine, Uhr) für die Partie
2 Spielsets für die beiden Teams + Uhr für die Pausen
3 Tische

Karlsruher Go-Turnierhandbuch

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