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at the hotel „Sonne“ in the Black Forest (Karlsruhe)

Herbst-Go-Treffen Mannheim 2024 (Mannheim Autumn 2024)
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1st Nakamura Go-Camp in Karlsruhe/Germany

Seokbin Cho 8d
Ayaka Hane 2p

Hello. My name is Cho Seok-bin, who teaches Go in Nagoya, Japan.

Nakamura honinbo is a Go school and club in Nagoya, Our six of students became a professional in past 10 years.

With the help of DGoB and Badischer Go-Verein, the first Go Camp takes place in Germany.

In go camp, you will get teaching game and Various lectures. You will make a new Go friend as well.

Go camp will be just after the Mannheim tournament. If you are looking for Go holidays, please join the camp in the Black Forest!